Academic Institute

Academie Instituut

The Academie Instituut voor Fysiotherapie PLUS (Academic Institute for Physical Therapy PLUS, also called ‘AI’) is a well-known institute that was founded in 1974 as one of the first physical therapy practices in the Netherlands and is located in a former bathhouse at the eastside of Utrecht. Besides a wide range of physical therapy specialties, the AI offers various paramedic disciplines. The short lines make it possible to cooperate closely together to resolve your problems as well and as quickly as possible. The AI is affiliated to major network organizations and we meet the strict quality requirements of health care insurance companies.

The Academy Institute is also a training institute. It accommodates students from the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht among others, provides education for physical therapists and is closely involved in scientific research in the field of physical therapy and kinesiology. The staff are trained to a master’s degree and follow PhD programmes.

The three pillars ‘education’, ‘scientific research’ and ‘good health care’ form the basis of the Academy Institute.